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Six Degrees. Six Rules

1. No strangers allowed. 

Everyone involved in Six Degrees comes by referral, so you'll only meet people who are up to snuff—both socially and professionally. That means everyone you meet will be successful, independent, and tell the best jokes.

2. No conflict of interest.

The majority of your fee is charged when your search ends in success. That way, we’ll both be thrilled when my services are no longer necessary. (I’ll send champagne for your engagement.)

3. No overbooking.

I accept a very limited number of active clients, so I can put all my energy into each case. You’re a person, not a folder stuffed into the back of a filing cabinet.

4. No talking.

Your privacy and 100% confidentiality will never be compromised—ever. Not on Facebook, not in whispered conversation, not ever. My integrity is my livelihood, and my friends know better than to ask. 

5. No regrets.

If I don't find you a life partner, the out-of-pocket cost is modest. That way you can relax, kick your feet up and enjoy the hunt.

6. Collaborators are (very) welcome.

Share the rush (and the glory!) of helping people find happiness. If you have an incredible single friend or a terrific ex who wasn’t quite right for you, pass them on. If your referral turns into a match, I'll thank you with an honorarium or a donation to the charity of your choice.