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Wanted: partner. connector.

With a loyal following, a good reputation and consistent new referrals, Six Degrees is flourishing.

After three years building a reputable brand, I’ve worked out the kinks and now have a well-run, respected and moderately profitable introductions business. However, I’ve realized I can no longer go it alone, and am currently seeking a partner to help Six degrees reach its full potential.

Six Degrees is: referral only. upscale. discreet. tasteful. sophisticated. growing.

Your job: recruit (primarily) male clients. develop and manage social media. build brand awareness. plan and host select events.

You are: dynamic. well connected. discreet. passionate. intuitive. creative. kind. fun.

You’re good at: networking. social media. business development. marketing. parties.listening. details.

Perks: work from home. flexible hours. school holidays (mostly) off. earning a living socializing with great people. challenge of taking a small business to the next level. having a job that everyone wants to talk about. owning it.

The catch: you won’t be walking into a salary. there is incredible potential in this industry, but compensation is based 100% on results, split 50/50. since launching in Oct. 2013, profits have increased steadily year over year.

What’s in it for you? great work-life balance. strong income potential. work that feels like play. bringing joy and connection to people’s lives.

Interested? you must be connected to someone I know and live in Toronto. if so, I’d love to hear from you via Linkedin.