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My job is only finished when my clients and I can raise a glass to their relationship success. To me, that's 12 months of dating, moving in together, or getting engaged. All great things. I obviously can't share the details of all the happily matched couples, but here's what some had to say about working with Six Degrees:

I had a great time (at your event) and was really impressed with the quality of people invited. A total air of class and decorum such that there was no sense of desperation, but rather just a fun conversation. 

Someone I trust assured me of Julie's integrity, discretion and talent for matchmaking; and I learned first hand the accuracy of her judgement!   Less than 2 weeks passed from the time I first sat down with Julie to my introduction to an absolute catch, the woman whom I am now very proud to now call my wife.

Six Degrees is about connecting people who are a true match - people who otherwise might miss that all important connection. My wife and I are deeply grateful for Julie’s assistance with creating the happy life we now enjoy together. Julie focused on my needs and she introduced me to not just to the best...but the best for me.

It was after friends from totally different social circles both recommended Six Degrees to me that I took the leap and reached out to Julie to learn more. I appreciated Julie's approachable style and candour, and what she said really resonated with me, "I cannot guarantee an introduction for you but I will guarantee that I won't introduce you to a man who does not possess the qualities you are looking for.”  My very first introduction turned out to the be the man I married!  We could not be happier, and it’s thanks to Julie...who got it all started.  

"I have had considerable experience with matchmakers in Toronto and elsewhere, and Julie is simply the best.  Julie truly puts the interests of her clients ahead of her own commercial interests, and this is very rare in the industry.  Julie starts from the assumption that finding a partner “within your network” (“friends of friends”) is more likely to produce a successful long-term match than any other way of meeting new people.  Were it not for Julie, I would never have met E, whom I married in September.  Before I met E, Julie introduced me to several very compatible women, and Julie’s network includes a lot of exceptional women.  I would recommend Julie without reservation to any man looking for a long-term committed relationship.  Her fee structure is very reasonable, and finding a great partner is Priceless."

"After trying the ‘online thing’ for some time, and to no avail, a friend introduced me to Julie.  It was clear that Six Degrees took the time to understand what I was looking for and within days Julie was sending me profiles of top caliber candidates.  All of the women that I met were engaging, intelligent and attractive.  I can happily say that I’m now dating and have Julie to thank."

"As far as I see it, working with Julie is a no brainer.  It costs very little upfront, takes no effort, and lands you on a pretty exclusive list with the possibility of meeting some impressive men. And Julie is genuine, kind, and lovely to work with (and incredibly perceptive, of course).  Every once in awhile she sends me a profile for a potential match, followed up with a very honest phone conversation about him.   In fact, though on paper my last introduction didn't sound like my type, Julie assured me I would enjoy his company so I gave it a whirl.  Now he's my boyfriend. ;)"

"Three reasons for Six Degrees: 
1. Julie is wonderful - what you have heard and read is true; 2. There are great women out there looking for the right guy, but it's unlikely you are going to be able to meet them on your own. Let's be honest, boys, we need some help!; 3. Have you even let yourself think about how great it would be to have a partner that really understands you and wants to be with you every day? My new girlfriend and I are having so much fun - and it's been relaxing, honest, simple, and exciting from our first phone call."

"Julie listened carefully to me and understood what I was looking for in a relationship. I knew she had a great list of women on her roster, but I didn't expect her to introduce me to someone like this - it just worked from our first phone call. It's been so natural, relaxed, and fun - I'm still figuring out just how amazing this is."

"When I met with Julie I pulled out all the stops - I wasn't willing to accept anything but the 'perfect' man. Julie was totally honest with me: 'Well, I think he's out there, but I'm afraid he might not be easy to find.'. Fast forward a year and my first's clear to me now, that without Julie's connections, I would never have met someone so perfect for me. Someone who is, I believe, the love of my thanks to Julie and 6 Degrees - I took a chance on what was possible and cannot imagine being happier. :-)"

Meeting someone online never appealed me to me, nor felt natural. I really wanted to meet someone through friends. When I met Julie, I felt like a met a friend. Her approach, her questions and her whole demeanour put me at ease and I felt like she really understood me and knew what I was looking for. All of the men I have met have been intelligent, interesting people who I have enjoyed getting to know. Julie really takes the time needed not only getting to know you but in determining what matches she feels could make the most sense. In life there is no silver bullet to meeting your partner but Julie comes pretty close. I haven't hesitated recommending Six Degrees to my close friends. 

From my perspective, online promises one the ability to meet new people, and generally it delivers on that.  What it also does is isolate you on that journey…will they reply?  Who are they really?  What is their situation?    I think Six Degrees provides more of an ecosystem for a healthy experience of dating – one that is enriched with insight, thoughtfulness and support.   It is the difference between randomness and uncertainty vs focus and probability.