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Quiet mornings in bed. Conversations until 2:00am. Wordless intimacy. Having each other’s backs. Becoming we and us. Accidentally ending up at the worst dinner party on the planet and laughing until everyone thinks you’re both crazy. And knowing it’s here to last.


Your lifelong partner is closer than you think. 

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I know you’d rather be home with a glass of scotch than helplessly trapped at a restaurant table on another mediocre date. Six Degrees parachutes in to make your hunt effortless and exciting. Women are introduced to me only by referral, and each is rigorously screened and met in person. They’re beautiful outside and in. They’re smart and independent. They’re caring. And they have the best laugh. You've got time to date: just not time to date the wrong people.

My male clients pay a retainer fee for up to 10 introductions. A more meaningful fee is paid upon success. 

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My promise is simple: you'll only be introduced to men I personally trust. Men who can make a mean omelette, fix a broken drawer—or at least know the best repair guy—and carry themselves with maturity. They’re smart and successful. They don’t freeze like a deer in headlights if a child enters the room. They have kind eyes and charming smiles. And they come to me because they don’t have energy to waste on fruitless dates when they’re ready for a serious, lifelong partner.

My female clients pay a modest, one-time membership fee. A more meaningful fee is paid upon success.