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I’m your mutual friend.


I've been there. I was single until age 39. I spent years dating online (groan), and even worked briefly with a Toronto-based matchmaker. But in the end, I met my husband through friends. And I finally got what I wanted: an oh-my-god incredible partner (hi honey!) and a family.

I realized someone’s future partner is often just a few hops away from their immediate circle. So I started Six Degrees. Instead of opening the floodgates on every available stranger in Toronto, I carefully pair people with trusted, vetted friends-of-friends-of-friends.


And I have one or two skills that help:

I’m a connection monster. I have a wide personal network in Toronto. And in cottage country. And on the ski slopes. So attractive, available Torontonians are constantly popping into my orbit.

I’m great at serving great people. For almost two decades, I worked for luxury travel company Butterfield & Robinson, specializing in Loyalty and Relationships with thousands of influential people like you. As a result, I’m great at quickly, accurately reading people and matching them up in unexpectedly genius ways.

I’m a bridge-builder. Years ago, a shaman in Cusco, Peru told me my life's purpose was to build bridges between people. Fifteen years later, I decided to make my side talent my full-time job. My first client was a friend who entrusted me with finding his future wife. (Mazel tov!)

I’m not fluffy. I don’t believe in selling dating workshops or trying to calculate two people’s compatibility with a fancy calculator. I also don’t believe in straying from what really works: my connections. So I work alone, I only accept referrals, and I simply draw on the captivating single people around me—with the focus of a well-caffeinated architect—until your match is made. 

I’m a matchmaking addict. I've never held a job that I didn’t love. That’s why I have zero tambourine skills, no work experience in botany, and couldn’t pave a road if I tried. But helping my clients find lifelong love? I could do it all day. And night. And on weekends...